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     I have the honor of representing the great nation of Iran in this splendid and beautiful country. I would like thus to express my heartfelt gratitude to the great people of Ireland.

     Iran and Ireland have demonstrated persistent resolve towards independence and self-reliance throughout their respective histories. Their cultures and identities are deep rooted in Divine religions, namely Islam and Christianity. They share many ideas and ideals, as well as aspirations, for a better and more prosperous world. We ought to explore these common grounds and turn these great potentials into actual realities.

     My mission is to build bridges between Iran and Ireland and connect the good people of both sides. I am here to generate opportunities for further cooperation and facilitate contact and interaction. My hope is to witness the realization of strong diplomatic ties; robust cultural exchange; increased trade and business deals; and productive academic interaction, between the two nations.

     I take this opportunity to invite and encourage my audience to get to know Iran outside the image cast by antagonistic views and projected by biased media. Please consider sharing your ideas, suggestions, and proposals with us for any improvement in Iran-Ireland relations. And please do not wait or hesitate to contact our embassy, or to arrange a visit, if you wish to satisfy your curiosity about Iran.

                                                                                                                                                                        Thank you for your attention.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
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