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Export Markets

Export Market

According to customs statistics, “gas condensate” Iran had the highest share exported non-oil goods value, and exported about 7 bn USD (more than 17 mn tons) of gas condensate to the world, accounting for more than 15% of total export value in the year ended March 2018.

Subsequently, ” liquefied natural gas (LNG) and,” and “liquefied propane in 1,000 C/CM and more’ containers and more”, with a 5.3% and 3.1% share are next grades.  Statistics show that oil products accounted for more than 31.6% (approximately 14.8 bn USD) of Iran export in the year ended March 2018.

The following table shows Iran’s 50 major export items, in the year ended March 2018. These items represented 70% of the Iran’s total export value, amounted to 31.8 bn USD. It is worth noting that the first 10 export items accounted for nearly 40% of Iran total export value.

Export Destination

China was Iran’s largest export destination, worth more than 9 bn USD, accounting for 19.3% total export value the year ended March 2018. Iran export value to China increased by 8.3%, in value but declined by 7.6% in terms of volume compared with the previous year.

 After China, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, the Republic of Korea and Turkey are respectively had the largest share of Iran’s export value in the year ended March 2018. These five countries accounted for 65.3% of the total value of Iran’s export.

The table below lists Iran’s 50 major export destinations. According to this table, Iran’s export value to the world grew by 6.6 % in the year ended March 2018, compared to the previous year.  Among first 50 export targets, some countries have had a more significant impact on Iran’s export value the year ended March 2018. The biggest impact was the export increase to the Republic of Korea, which increased by 52% in the year ended March 2018 compared to the previous year, and this share resulted an increase of 3.4% from the growth of 6.6% of Iran’s total export. Subsequently, I export to Turkey and China increased by 1.7% and 1.6%, respectively.

You can find the table of the 50 major export items of Iran’s non-oil products and Iran’s 50 main non-oil export targets to the year ended March 2018 on this website:


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